Why you should be using Twitter’s Fabric SDK in your mobile apps

Why you should be using Twitter’s Fabric SDK in your mobile apps

Twitter’s Fabric SDK is one of the best tools to have in a mobile developers toolkit

iMobilize was fortunate enough to be invited to Twitter’s Hello World developer conference (more about it here: https://www.twitterhelloworld.com) where they showcased the tools that Twitter have developed that help mobile app developers to be more productive and better informed about their users.


One of their main SDK’s is called Fabric which is a suite of mobile tools available for iOS and Android. It was released in 2014 with a few components but since then, the offerings have increased substantially making it the silver bullet SDK for mobile app development.

You can get a brief overview of some of the main tools in the Fabric SDK in this video:



The key components in Fabric are now:

 Crashlytics, the already well known crash analytics and beta testing tool that help developers debug and test new apps which leads to a reliable and stable app with good app store ratings

 Answers, the real time analytics product. Lets you know who is using your app and how they are using it enabling you to make informed decisions about your product

 Digits, their phone number sign in solution. Allows apps to use the phone number as the primary identity source for signing into an app. Also supports email signup.

 MoPub, an ad service for mobile developers Twitter. Aids developers monetise the traffic through their apps.

 TwitterKit, which will allow apps to seamlessly integrate Twitter’s real-time information such as Tweets and Tweet conversations.

If you want to read more about Twitter’s Fabric SDK and what it has to offer you can visit the Fabric homepage here: https://get.fabric.io