Onit enables anyone to create, promote and sell tickets to any event imaginable.


Onit is here to bring you the events that entertain, astound bewitch and dumbfound, make you laugh, make you cry, make you sing with your hands in the sky. If you are celebrating a birthday or becoming husband and wife, just won the league or bored of life. Whether you want a drink or fancy a bite, up until late or an early night, want something close by, or traveling afar, prefer standing in a field or sitting in a bar. Whatever it is you are interested in, this app is here to help you, your friends and your family get on it!




Google App Engine

Facebook SDK

Slim3 framework

Jersey framework

AngularJS, Bootstrap

Stripe payment system


Onit is the brainchild of iMobilize. Developed as a mobile app which gives the user to find events and promotions close to a user’s location. The website for Onit was built as an event management platform allowing event promotors to create and upload their event details. Once published, users following that event promoter or tagged as interested in those types of events would be notified. The event promoter could also sell tickets and manage their ticket sales from the website. Users could then purchase tickets and be checked in with an e-ticket they received on purchase. The platform rivalled eventbrite for its features but was aimed at nightlife and more niche events. The mobile app is available on Android and iOS devices. Some of the high level features are:

– Discover concerts, shows, talks, exhibitions and all other events your city has to offer – Browse events by location, category or keyword
– Follow your favourite promoters and specify your interests to receive personalised recommendations
– Share events with your friends
– Store your payment details to pay in just a few taps
– Access your tickets and get directions directly through the app
– Add your tickets to Passbook
– Add events that you like to your favourites so you never forget about them.