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Buddybouce is a free, fan club that allows you to discover and share content about your favourite celebrities with people who feel just as passionate about them as you do. Buddybounce doesn’t just enable you to express your passion but will possibly reward you, when you partake in competitions and missions, with the chance to meet the celebs that you care so much about. The aim is to bridge the gap between celebrities and their fans through creating a platform of fairness and equal opportunity; it’s solely about your adoration and the level of dedication that you put in to showcase it.



Objective C

Cocoa Pods

Facebook SDK



Mongo DB



Buddybounce collaborated with iMobilize to take their initial concept of a modern day digital fan club and turn it into a mobile app. The goal was to allow users to share and discover content around their favourite celebrities and in return be potentially rewarded with mentions, tickets and a chance to meet them. It allowed fans to engage more with artists but also allowed celebrities to gain better insight into their fan base and track who is most active and engaged with them. As the target market were young teens to early twenties, a visually appealing mobile app was the perfect medium to get fans to plugged in and sharing content. Some of the high level features of the mobile app were to:

– Sign up and create a profile through either Facebook or Twitter which then allowed you to share content
– Choose favourite artists to follow
– Gain points for sharing content via Twitter, Facebook, and a bunch of other social media
– See a timeline of social activity related to their favourite artists
– Get notifications about rewards, competitions and other celebrity news
– Like and repost other content shared.