on August 1, 2016
Beyond ‘killer apps’: how to make your next app go viral [Part 1]

I am sure all of us can agree on one simple truth…   Creating the next viral app sensation is the ultimate dream of the majority of app developers.   And just like with anything else that has gone viral in the past, the formula for creating a viral marketing app strategy boils down to […]

Why you should be using Twitter’s Fabric SDK in your mobile apps

Twitter’s Fabric SDK is one of the best tools to have in a mobile developers toolkit iMobilize was fortunate enough to be invited to Twitter’s Hello World developer conference (more about it here: https://www.twitterhelloworld.com) where they showcased the tools that Twitter have developed that help mobile app developers to be more productive and better informed about their users. […]

How to Find the best Mobile App & Web Development Company in 4 Steps

The Challenge: For most entrepreneurs and companies, searching for Web and Mobile App Developers to bring their ideas to life is always going to be a consistent challenge. This is because developing software of any kind is a continuous task. It never really ends until you discard the entire project. Companies as big as Microsoft […]

Mobile apps in our daily life and how important they are for the business

Do you think it’s important for your business to invest in creating a mobile app and a responsive website? Let me give you some statistic so that you can decide. Nowadays people spend twice as much time online compared to 10 years ago, increasing the usage of smartphones and tablets. 80% of all online users […]

How to explain what is a software design pattern to your grandma

Albert Einstein once said “you don’t understand something until you can explain it to your grandmother”. This must have been difficult for him, not only because of the complexity of his work, but also because by the time he became globally famous, he was already quite elder. Imagine how old his grandmother must have been. […]

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