Author: Andre Barrett

How to Find the best Mobile App & Web Development Company in 4 Steps

The Challenge: For most entrepreneurs and companies, searching for Web and Mobile App Developers to bring their ideas to life is always going to be a consistent challenge. This is because developing software of any kind is a continuous task. It never really ends until you discard the entire project. Companies as big as Microsoft […]

How to explain what is a software design pattern to your grandma

Albert Einstein once said “you don’t understand something until you can explain it to your grandmother”. This must have been difficult for him, not only because of the complexity of his work, but also because by the time he became globally famous, he was already quite elder. Imagine how old his grandmother must have been. […]

How to choose the right technology when developing your app

It’s clear that technology is an important part of everyday life. But with the word technology being applied to such a broad field and used to reference so many things, it is difficult to express how to choose the right technology without first giving a definition to what is being referred to when referencing technology […]